About Stuffing Your Gob

Hello, my name’s Emily!

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That’s me, brandishing a duck in my very own kitchen.

I have lovingly created this blog because I have GOT to stop spamming my Facebook friends with endless pictures of food. They will all delete me and then where will I be? Alone with my food. No one wants that.

Food is something that I don’t just do for myself; it’s about making the people I love most in the whole wide world happy! I guess I’m just one of life’s feeders.

The recipes that I post on this site will have been inspired by or adapted from the many recipes that I have found whilst rummaging about on the internet and in my steadily growing collection of cookbooks. I’ve never been much of a recipe follower, though, so every creation of mine is special and individual, like a snowflake. Yeah. A snowflake. We’ll go with that.

So come with me and throw caution (and your kitchen scales) to the wind. We shall make healthy things, unhealthy things and every thing in between.

It’s going to be delicious!