Public Gob Stuffing

The best meal I ever ate


This post will be the first of my Public Gob Stuffing series, in which I discuss particularly delicious things that I have eaten on my travels. And why not start with the most delicious thing I have ever consumed?!

I ate the above, ‘Scampi’ scrawled on the chalkboard of a little restaurant in Bruges, this summer. It was hot, we’d spent the day sight-seeing and we were HUNGRY. I will never forget it, sitting in that little restaurant-lined courtyard where the horses who draw the carriages full of tourists around are allowed to stop in the shade and drink from the water trough. And now it is immortalised on the internet. I couldn’t be happier.

I think I briefly died when I took the first gobfull. I certainly embarrassed my poor partner who had absolutely no chance of pretending he didn’t know me due to the fact that he was sat directly opposite me on the intimately small two-seater dining table. Such joy was had in the simplest of dishes.

No less than nine great big, juicy king prawns drowned in garlic and parley butter and garnished with a great pile of fresh salad, served with the omnipresent Belgian frites (chips, french fries, delicious little sticks of fried potato, whatever you want to call them). Oh and lashings of white wine of course.

There is no greater joy in life than stuffing your gob proper with a forkful of piping hot frites doused with garlic butter. Take it from me.

OH, THE JOY!!!!!!!


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